Obama's Loan Modification Program - The "Making Homes Affordable" Plan Information

President Obama's Making Home Affordable loan modification plan seeks to help up to 5 million homeowners facing the possibility of losing their homes due to unaffordable home loans. The plan is funded by $75 billion dollars and offers a unique feature that pays lenders, servicers and borrowers to participate in the loan workout program. To date, only a little over $1 billion has been used, so there is still plenty of funding to help at-risk homeowners with a loan workout. Here is some information on the plans major features and who will qualify for this loan modification program called HAMP for short.

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Minimum eligibility criteria for Making Home Affordable loan modification:

Primary residences only & one-to-four unit properties only Unpaid principal balances to equal $729,750 or less (higher for 2-4 unit properties) Loan must have been originated before January 1, 2009 Current mortgage payment (including taxes, insurance and Homeowners Association if applicable) must equal more than 31% of the borrowers gross monthly income Borrowers are not required to be delinquent on their payments to participate Borrowers may not be in bankruptcy

The program is free, and the Treasury Department is warning homeowners against paying anyone a fee to participate in the loan workout plan. Obama's loan modification plan-HAMP- calls for a reduction of the mortgage payment to equal 31% of the homeowners gross monthly income, to be arrived at by:

Interest rate reduction to as low as 2% Longer loan term to 40 years Principal forbearance Principal forgiveness (not mandatory and at lenders discretion) Second loans are now eligible for modification under this plan

A Pay-For-Success feature allows for lenders and servicers to be paid incentives and given other inducements to offer this program to their borrowers. Homeowners who maintain the new modified loan payments will be given up to $5000 in principal reduction to their current loan to help rebuild equity.

Interested homeowners can find out if they might qualify for this loan modification program by figuring their debt ratio and determining if it is possible to reach their target payment based on 31% of their gross monthly income using the options mentioned above. Do you know how to compute your debt ratio to pre-qualify yourself before you contact your lender to apply? Take advantage of a software program designed just for homeowners that mimics the formula for HAMP approval. Simply input your own income and expenses and the calculations are done automatically. See your debt ratio, new target payment and interest rate and more immediately. You can then fine tune your financial statement so that it meets the approval guidelines easily and quickly.

Successful candidates will be able to provide their bank with all of the necessary paperwork, and complete their loan modification forms accurately so that they meet the approval guidelines. Now is the time to begin to learn about how the process works so you can increase your chances of getting the loan workout you need to stay in your home.

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