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Instant approval personal loans-what causes the delay in the traditional lending places:

Getting the personal loans in just a matter of hours will be a very cumbersome task if you are searching for the loans from the major banks. One reason for this type of activity is the high incoming volume of applications to the lenders. Hence getting the loan approval might take more time. Thus, instant approval loans are almost impossible through the traditional banks. Fortunately, there are lot of other lending institutions that are giving these loans to the borrowers. If you are in the need of a loan quickly, you have to take a different route than that taken by others and resort to the private lenders.

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Low interest rate loans:

Instant approval would mean that the interest rates are going to slightly higher than the other types of loans. Since you are getting them from private lenders, the high interest would be unavoidable. But you should also keep in mind that the rate will be still higher if you are a bad credit borrower. In such situations, you may need to get the help of a cosigner. This does not mean you can make anyone cosign for you. The cosigner has to be a person who has a well established credit and should be ready to take responsibility if you default on the loan. Make sure to do a lot of comparison shopping since this plays the pivotal role in finding a loan with lowest annual percentage rate.

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