Need Quick Cash But Your Credit Score is Bad?

If you need some quick cash but your credit score is not allowing you to get money from the bank, don't worry there is help. There is a new wave of loans where you can get loans between $1500 and $15000 deposited to your checking very quickly. If you have bad credit no problem. With the banks tightening up there are solutions for people with bad credit, new loans have arrived on the scene. The interest rates are not that bad either. Maybe your car broke down and you don't have the money to fix it, how you going to get to work? Maybe the way you get paid causes you to be late on your bills this month, avoid costly charges with cash in advance. What ever you're your short term cash needs are there is a solution.

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We understand that things come up where you need cash quick. On the web there are solutions what every your situation is. With the current economy and the increase in gas prices everything is extremely high.

What do I need to pre-qualify?
All you need is a checking account in good standing, a minimum income from a job, a working telephone, be at least 18 years old and a U.S. resident.

What happens when I fill in the form?
After submitting this application, we will search our database of lenders for a lender that is interesting in providing you with a loan. If we find a match we will forward your information to that lender. In most cases, you can complete the entire application process online without speaking to anyone or faxing in any documents.

How much will the loan cost?
The fee for a payday advance is typically 25%-30% of the amount borrowed. The exact amount will be disclosed in paper-work from the lender. Please review this paperwork before signing it. You will not be committed to a loan until you agree to the terms.

Can I have more than one loan at a time?
Most lenders require that you pay each loan in full before you can get a new one.

What if I have bad credit or Bankruptcy issues?
You may still qualify for a loan with bad credit or even bankruptcy.

How much can I borrow?
You can borrow as little as $100 or as much as $1500.

How long until I get the money?
Assuming all the paperwork is completed and processed, you can typically expect to receive the money in your checking account the next business day. Please note that this is most lenders' goal but actual time may be longer.

Who's a typical cash advance client?
Most everyone finds themselves a little short on cash from time to time. People from all walks of life typically take advantage of cash advances to get them by.
For example:
- Someone with multiple bills due before their next payday.
- Someone who doesn't want to be hounded by collections departments or have their utilities turned off.
- Someone who needs to make emergency repairs on their car so they can make it to work and not lose their job.
- Someone needing to get a prescription filled right away and won't have the money until a later date. Millions of people around the country regularly use these services to help them through stressful financial times.

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