How to Raise Credit Score Quickly - Give Your Credit Score a Make Over

Many people who find themselves in the midst of financial turmoil and credit record mishap have one common question in mind: How to raise credit score quickly. Now the question is, are you one of them?

A less-than-ideal score can make you pay more for your loans, mortgages and credit card debts. It is important that you quickly turn this whole thing around and start getting back on your feet. Here's how:

1. Know what your current score is. Before you start taking some actions, try to see where you stand first so that you can set goals to reach your desired score. The more you know about your status, the more you can figure out how to raise credit score quickly.

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2. Although contrary to what most experts say, pay those cards that are near their limit. In this case, it would help if none of your cards are over the limit already.

3. Limit the use of your cards. Avoid impulse buying. Try using your cards lightly.

4. Use your old cards. Incur a small amount of charge and pay it off in full.

5. Ever heard of a "goodwill adjustment request"? This is one option for good customers that they can ask from their lenders. If the lender does not approve of it, then you could at least ask for re-aging your loan. Having a second computation can buy you time in paying off your loan without going over the limit.

6. Resurrect unclosed bill disputes. If you have bills that are in collection agencies already, review them well and protest the charges that you think are not yours. Your goal here is to lower your bill in the collection agency so that when the credit bureau investigates, they won't bother to verify your account anymore since the bill is small.

7. Correct any false information about you in your report. Errors like late-payments, lower limits and other information can add to the negative image of your report.

8. Learn from the experiences of other people on how to raise credit score quickly.

Aside from these helpful tips, there are also some things that you should avoid. Never request a creditor to lower your limits. This could reduce the gap between your available credit and your balance which could be bad for your score. Also, avoid making delayed payments on your loans. Missed payments could pull down your score to as much as 100 points. Merging all your accounts in one big account is also a no-no. It would be better to have smaller balances in a few cards rather than piling up the bills on just one. And lastly, do not open new credit when you already have existing ones that could be used.

Follow these tips on how to raise credit score quickly and you will surely be on your way to a better financial condition.

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