Loan Modification Forms - Tips to Complete Them For Quick Approval

A federally subsidized plan is aimed at offering low, affordable mortgage payments to almost 5 million homeowners at risk of losing their homes. Funded with $75 billion in stimulus money, this government loan modification is called Home Affordable Modification and has already helped over 250,000 borrowers get relief and save their homes. Find out how you can apply and perhaps qualify for this aggressive program.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners will qualify for a loan modification program with their bank. Each loan is reviewed individually, and a determination will be made if that loan modification application qualifies for help. If you are interested in applying for assistance, here are some tips to keep in mind when you are completing your loan modification forms:

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Borrowers must demonstrate a financial hardship to qualify for loan modification assistance. Job loss, medical or illness expenses, death of family member, divorce/separation, job transfer, military duty, incarceration are some acceptable hardship situations Compose a brief but compelling Hardship letter explaining your circumstances to the lender, along with what has been done to assure you will be able to pay the new payment now and in the future and your commitment to home ownership-make sure you include a few trigger phrase to get your lenders attention-do you know what these are? Carefully complete the required Financial statements-these give the lender a snapshot of your current financial situation by itemizing your income and expenses. Do not leave anything out-your bank will compare these with your credit report and bank statements for accuracy. Any omitted items could be cause for denial. TIP: determine your target payment-this is your goal-the new lower modified payment that will be affordable for you. Build your new budget around this target payment so that you know you can afford to pay it now and in the future. Do you know how to figure your target payment, debt ratio and disposable income? This is so important to your chances of approval-learn how before you submit your forms. Prove to your bank that the current mortgage payment is unaffordable, but if granted the loan modification agreement you will be able to pay and maintain the new, lower mortgage payment. Special Insider Tip: lenders want to be assured that you are not a risk for re-default-you will be able to prove that to your bank by indicating you will have some disposable income left over after you pay all of your bills-the trick is to not show too much or too little. A software program designed just for homeowners will show you if you are in line with this requirement-simply input your own income and expenses and it does all the calculations for you automatically. Provide the bank with your most recent paycheck stubs, W2, award letters, bank statements and tax returns. This is a full disclosure process so you must provide proof of all of your household income. Put it all together into a professional and acceptable application that your lender will accept by following a simple document checklist-don't leave anything out or your answer may be delayed.

Loan modification forms must be completed properly or even the most deserving borrower will be denied the help they need and deserve. Once you have a good, general understanding of what the loan modification requirements are, you will be able to complete the forms properly and have a very good chance of getting the loan modification agreement you want. You can save hours of frustration and take the guess work out of completing your application by using a software program that mimics the approval guidelines. You will see immediately if you need to make any adjustments to your figures in order to fit the approval guidelines. A knowledgeable homeowner is a powerful homeowner-so make the decision to research, learn and prepare and start to today on the path to secure home ownership again. It;s not hard-you can do it yourself once you learn the basics.

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